Mexico Destinations

Day Road Trips

These experiences are perfect for visitors who want to get out of the city for a day to see more of our magical country. These tours last from six to eight hours. You have enough time to visit a new town and experience unforgettable and gorgeous sites.

Fee: Please contact us for fees and to customize your experience. 
Includes: Transportation, hotel pick-up and drop-off, snack, coffee and sites entrance fees.

TripAdvisor Reviews

Teotihuacan - City of Gods

A must see while in Mexico! Marvel at the awesome, ancient city of Teotihuacan, a place full of incredible beauty and scale. There is so much to discover in this mysterious site that is still revealing new secrets every passing year. Explore the city where men become gods with us.


Visit the lovely colonial city of Toluca, capital of the State of Mexico. Enjoy the vibrant street life of the Portales market, the long-beating heart of the city. Stroll through the historic central plaza and witness the majestic Toluca Cathedral and the government palace. Then take in the beauty of stained glass and ironworks of the Cosmovitral, once a city market that has since been converted into a stunning botanical garden, followed by a trip through the “El Carmen” museum of art. Toluca is a city that deserves an extended look!

Monarch Butterfly

This tour is for the outdoor adventurer. Every year, millions of Monarch butterflies gather in the mountains near Toluca city, offering a fascinating spectacle that happens nowhere else on earth. On the way back we stop in the city of Toluca for a little exploring and a jaunt through its colorful gardens.