Mexico City Experiences

Your Mexico City Experience

We can customize your Mexico City experience by creating a tour that you will never forget. These tours are perfect for visitors who want to know Mexico City from different perspectives. These experiences last between three and five hours, depending on your interests, and will give you a broader understanding of the city’s vibrant history and life.

Fee: 200 USD for groups of up to four people; 25 USD for each extra person.
Includes: Hotel pick-up and drop-off, snack, coffee and museums entrance fees.
Lunch not included (except for market explorations).

Not sure what type of experience you want? Take a look at the topics below to help you decide. 

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Downtown Walks

The history of modern Mexico started in this part of the city 500 years ago. Architecture, art, museums, history, fun, and great food can be found in the most vibrant neighborhood of the city.

Market Explorations

Markets have been an important part of Mexico since Pre-Columbian times. Today there are close to 300 markets in the city and countless street markets for all kinds of shopping and eating.

Sporting Events

Mexican wrestling has become a synonym of fun. Matches are held every week in two arenas where the good guys try to defeat “los rudos”. Soccer and bullfight matches are also an important part of Mexico's sports scene. 

History in the Park

Chapultepec is one of the largest parks in the world. Two of the most important (and most beautiful) Mexico City museums are here. Navigate these world treasures with us. 

Frida's Coyoacan

You’ve probably heard of Diego and Frida. Let us show you a more intimate look inside the daily lives of this eccentric and rebellious pair and the neighborhoods where they worked and lived. 

Xochimilco Experience

Xochimilco is one of our favorite neighborhoods in Mexico City. Explore its markets, churches, pulquerías and vibrant life in this 4-hour experience. For extra 50 USD we can arrange a boat ride through the only remaining floating gardens of the Mexico Valley or a visit to the Dolores Olmedo museum with the largest Frida and Diego's art collection.