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Private Food Experiences

Mexico City is a food lovers' paradise. From street food to fine dining, the city has something for every taste. Explore the culinary richness of Mexico with these private food experiences we have prepared for new and seasoned visitors. Taste different kinds of tacos and mescals. Learn more about our ingredients at a local market. Go deep into thousand-year-old canals to meet the people who are feeding the city using pre-Hispanic agricultural methods. 

If you want to learn the ropes, take a cooking class with one of our co-founders who spent the first 20 years of his life at his parents' fonda, a small, family-run restaurant where the owners do basically everything, from cleaning and shopping for ingredients to cooking the food. 

We guarantee these food experiences will satisfy your curiosity and hunger for Mexican cuisine. If you want a more customized experience, please contact us and we'll be more than happy to create one especially for you. 

Flower Market and Pulque Tour

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The best way to explore Mexico is through its markets. Learn more about this vibrant city on a visit to one of the oldest and most important markets in Mexico City, Jamaica market.. Learn about the different ingredients that make Mexican cuisine so unique while you taste some iconic street food in and around the market.

Walk along the long aisles of flowers and arrangements while you learn about the history of the market and some of the vendors. Jamaica market is a fascinating destination outside of the tourist area of Mexico City. Its flowers, produce, and food will entice you with their colors, aromas, and tastes.

After touring the market we visit a traditional pulquería. Pulque is a drink made of the agave sap that was considered the nectar of the Gods by several pre-Hispanic civilizations. You will learn more about this millennial drink and the different ways to drink it in a unique bar atmosphere.

Cost: 75 USD per person, minimum 2 people.
Includes: Snacks at the market and pulque.
Starting time: 10 am
Duration: 3.5- 4 hours.

History, Tacos, and Mescals Walk

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Tacos might be the most iconic of Mexican dishes. However, in Mexico, tacos are more than just a dish. They are a way of eating. On this walking tour, we take you through the historic city center while we taste different types of delicious tacos such as suadero, bistec, al pastor, and guisado.

This evening walking tour takes you by some of the most important avenues and monuments of Mexico City. Learn about the fascinating history of Mexico City, from pre-colonial times to the buzzing modern city that it is today.

Our last stop is at a mezcalería where you can try two different types of agave spirits. Our recommendations are sotol and tobalá. But you can try a craft beer or soft drink if hard alcohol is not your thing. Either way, you can enjoy a pleasant evening in one of the hippest zones of downtown.

Cost: 95 USD per person, minimum 2 people.
Includes: Tacos at every stop and 2 mezcals or craft beers.
Starting time: 6 pm
Duration:  4 hours.

Mexico's Floating Gardens

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Mexico City was founded on a lake in 1325. It grew in size using an agricultural system called chinampas, or artificial islands on the lake. Today, most of the lake system has been drained to make room for the sprawling city. However, the area of Xochimilco is the only remaining area of the city that preserves part of the lake, the chinampas and the canals that connect them together.

Explore this UNESCO heritage site to learn more about its culture, food, and people. At the market, we try different pre-Columbian dishes and drinks. We then visit a pulquería and the center of the neighborhood that still preserves a lot of its indigenous celebrations mixed with beliefs brought from the Old World.

At the end of the tour, we ride a trajinera (boat) through part of the ecological reserve that houses a big ecosystem of flora and fauna. Learn about the agricultural method used for thousands of years that still feeds the city today. You will not believe you're still in the middle of a buzzing city of 8 million people. This is an experience that you will never forget.

Cost: 125 USD per person, minimum 2 people.
Includes: Hotel pick-up. transportation, food at the market, pulque, and boat ride.
Starting time: 8:30 am
Duration:  Full day, 6 hours.

Cooking Classes

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Ben Herrera was born to a family of cooks and bakers. From an early age, he started cooking at his parents' restaurant in the south of Mexico City. He has dedicated his adult life to learning more about Mexican ingredients, techniques, and regional dishes.

Are you an experienced or amateur cook? Ben will customize his cooking lessons to your level of expertise! Learn how to make basic Mexican salsas such as red and green; which are the basis for many Mexican dishes. You will also learn about different peppers and ingredients that are quintessential to Mexican cuisine.

If you're an experienced cook, Ben will prepare with you more complex dishes such as moles and pipianes. This experience starts with a tour to a Mexico City market and ends enjoying the food we cook together at a lovely house in a historical neighborhood in the city center.

Cost: 225 USD for groups of up to 4 people.
Includes: Ingredients, market tour, class, and tasting.
Starting time: 10 am
Duration: 4 - 5 hours.


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Amazing, informative meal in the home of a local

As a journalist with magazines like National Geographic, I have traveled to a lot of fascinating place in my day and taken a lot of food tours. But Quest's "agave spirits" night was something unique. Set in one of the guides' lovely homes, it was a virtual tour through mescals of Oaxaca, sotol, and wonderful tequilas. Each was pair with delicious, traditional food cooked right there in the kitchen. The guides were friendly, accommodating and most of all, masters of the topic. This is a true hidden gem. If you are reading this right now and you love food, do not miss this opportunity.

Erik Vance National Geographic

A great way to know the ins and outs of Mexico City

Paco and Ben love Mexico City and are intimate with it. Under their guidance our group saw places and had experiences that they wouldn't have had otherwise and that they will never forget! For an interesting, fun and tasty experience, I highly recommend spending time exploring your interests with Quest Tours! 

Deann Bayless Frontera Grill

Excellent, informative, customized experience

We had the opportunity to take a Street food tour with this group. Paco, was a treasure with lots of interesting information. More importantly, we went to places that we never would have found or gone to. And we are experienced, pretty adventuresome travelers.

Uniquely, as the day unfolded, without our suggestion Paco changed things to fit our interests. For example, as Paco learned I really liked bullfights, he took us to an old restaurant that was the hang out for the Mexican bullfighting community. Not only was the food unusual, beef marrow soup, bull's testicles, but the memorabilia was exceptional.

My wife and I give them multiple thumbs up.

Linda and Richard Indianapolis

Shopping, Cooking, Learning, and so much more!

If you are looking for a unique, informative and personal cooking and dining experience then Quest Mexico is for you! My husband and I have done a number of cooking classes around the world, this was by far the most personal and customized class we have ever done. Ben is a great cook, knowledgeable about his ingredients, his cuisine and his city - put all three together and the time just flew by. Ben met us outside his local San Cosme market where we shopped for the ingredients of our cooking class/meal. We were welcomed into Ben's comfortable kitchen to begin our class. Under Ben's watchful, and informative, instruction we learned about every ingredient we were using, and how to chop, mix or cook to bring out the best flavor. Ben had been to Oaxaca, and brought back some amazing ingredients which he share with us. What a wonderful treat! We felt like friends that had come over to help out to make a great meal...except we were learning so much along the way! And the grand amazing and delicious meal with dishes that we hadn't ever tried before. We had an amazing and unforgettable experience cooking and learning from Ben. Thank you so much!

Eleanora M. New York